General conditions of Chauffeurs for the booking of the rental service with driver.


The following terms and conditions apply to passengers booking with which is a trading name of Milano Taxi S.n.c. whose registered address is: Via Carlo perini, 3 20157 MILANO ITALY

Milano Taxi S.n.c. is a ITALIAN registered company and is therefore subject to ITALIAN law and those of the E.E.C. where applicable. When Payment is required at the time of booking. Milano Taxi S.n.c. will then produce written confirmation of the details regarding the booking, either by email or fax. This confirmation acts as your ticket and must be presented to the Milano Taxi S.n.c. ’S drivers. Representative for both the outward and return journey. Such payment is strictly non-refundable except in circumstances where Milano Taxi S.n.c. , due to causes beyond its control, cancels or, at its absolute discretion, agrees to cancel the booking. Where a booking is made by telephone, the booking is subject to, and the client accepts, Milano Taxi S.n.c. booking terms and conditions. These are available on our website or on request by email, fax or by phone. Where Milano Taxi S.n.c. accepts bookings for travel on services provided by operators other than Milano Taxi S.n.c. we do so as agents for the operator concerned whose own conditions of carriage will apply and our liability will be confined to travel on our own services. . In the case of missed flights or flight delays forcing you to miss your transfer. Milano Taxi S.n.c. will require you to fill in a declaration for your travel insurance for the cost of your new transfer. The extra charge can and may be waived at the absolute discretion of Milano Taxi S.n.c.

1 Amendments to bookings

The destination and pickup addresses on your ticket are the address to which you will be delivered and picked up. Should you wish to change these or any other details, this must be done in writing by phone, email or fax directly with Milano Taxi S.n.c. Service Centre at least 8 hours prior to the date of travel (inbound or outbound). Any modifications to a booking will be subject to an administration charge of €7,50+VAT per booking. Modifications within the 8 hour period will require a new service booking and a taxi will be charged for whether or not this was the choice of transport on the original booking

2 Waiting at addresses and locations of Users

In the transfer service (door-to-door) the rates charged by Milano Taxi S.n.c. include a wait of 10 (ten) minutes in places other than airports and railway stations, or locations and addresses of Users. After the waiting time spent in the service has expired and if the driver used available for exteded waiting time (no other booking activefollow your, our co-ordination number +39335200804 is available to inform you of the possibility of prolonging the waiting time) The cost of the waiting will be calculated with increments of 30 (thirty) minutes in future from the original program, refer to the amounts shown below (RATES PER HOUR WAITING FOR USE OF THE CUSTOMER). This amount will be added to the cost of transfer, and payment will be due by you directly to the driver at the end of the Service/debited to the invoice for the contracted client. In the absence of communication delays by the User, or of any services already scheduled to be assigned to that vehicle to follow your (no further waiting) and spent 15 (fifteen) minutes from pick-up time scheduled, the driver will leave the place of expectation, without prejudice to the right of Milano Taxi S.n.c. to the received the payment of the Service.

3 Pick Up into terminals / train stations and bus stations

The transfer in question (excluding BUS) can be canceled or modified until the scheduled time of departure / departure flight / train / bus airport / station of origin if arriving at airports, railway stations and bus basin Milanese. In case of cancellation with less timing, the charge will be the total cost of the transfer in question. In case of variation with lower timings, the vehicle will still be available per hour booked, if the new service will be scheduled in the same place, it will be simply added the extra wait at the rates shown in the table "SERVICES AVAILABLE TO THE CUSTOMER".

4 Delay of flights / trains in airports and train stations.

There are no charges for delays or cancellations of flights / trains in the daytime, when communicated to T-Airport. You have an obligation to contact T-Airport to inform about delays or cancellations of flights / trains. The waiting time of the driver at the airport / railway station is counted, and will be chargeable, as follows: Train Station: from 30 (thirtieth) minutes after the arrival of the train; APT MPX (Malpensa Airport): from 60 (sixtieth) minutes from landing aircraft; APT LNT (Linate Airport): from 30 (thirtieth) minutes from landing aircraft; APT ATA (private airport): from 30 (thirtieth) minutes from the time of arrival of the aircraft originally reported; APT BYG (Orio al Serio): from 60 (sixtieth) minutes from landing aircraft. This procedure is not intended for scheduled arrivals after 23.00 pm, which exclude the wait to the bitter end over the arrival time originally established. Driver can still wait for the user to its arrival, upon specific request by the same "further waiting", which shall be charged at the rates shown in the table "SERVICES AVAILABLE TO THE CUSTOMER". In the absence of communication by, and after sixty (60) minutes of the arrival of the aircraft / train without the user is present (so-called "no shown"), the driver will leave the waiting place , subject to the right of T-Airport to receive payment of the Service. RATES PER HOUR WAITING FOR USE OF THE CLIENT for passenger car type "sedan": €30.00 + vat for "people carrier" (Van): €40.00 + vat for "minibus" (8 pax): €45.00 + vat

5 Cancellation / change, AUTO / VAN services

Right of cancellation.

The customer can cancel the reservation before contacting our SOS number +39 335 200 804 and later by sending a written request by e-mail, SMS or fax. Booking will be canceled when the Milano Taxi S.n.c. You will receive a written communication to the following addresses: - – ​​SMS/ WhatsApp +39.335.200.804 - fax. +39.02, The cancellation of the transfer / service can be made up to one day (24 hours) prior to the event without incurring any expense. Cancellations made with less timing and up to 4 hours in advance of scheduled time of the transfer will be subject to payment of a penalty equal to 30%, cancellations made less than 4 hours of the time confirmed the transfer organization will charge dell ' entire cost of the trip. Right to make changes. The customer can make the change of reservation before contacting our SOS number +39.335.200.804 and subsequently sending a written request with an e-mail, SMS or fax. Booking will be changed when the Milano Taxi S.n.c. You will receive a written communication to the following addresses: - – ​​SMS/WhatsApp +39.335.200.804 - fax. +39 02 87182606. Variations are allowed within 24 hours in advance about: date, time and type of medium, the confirmation of the change will be subject to availability, possible failure to accept the change will originate the cancellation and the total cost eventually paid reimbursement. Change made with lower timeframes are subject to our actual ability to provide the service with the changes required. Any cancellation charges set out in Chapter 5.

6 Right to cancel BUS

The client can cancel the contract of the provision of a journey through without paying any penalty in the following cases: - the raise of the price of the service - ref. previous art 6 - of more than a 10%; - the significant modification of one or more elements of the contract objectively considered as fundamental for the fruition of the service, modification proposed from the organizer after the signing of the contract itself but before the departure and not accepted by the client.

In the above cases, the consumer has alternatively the right to: - make use of an alternative journey without any price supplement or with the restitution of the difference in case the new journey has a value inferior to the previous one; - the restitution of only the money already paid. This restitution will have to be made by seven working days from the day of the receipt of the reimbursement request. The consumer will have to communicate his/her decision (of accepting the modification or cancelling the contract) by and not later than two working days from the receipt of the notice of the increase of the price or of the modification of the service. If the client fails to communicate his/her decision by these terms, the organizer will consider the proposal as accepted. If the consumer cancel the contract before the departure and not under any of the above circumstances, we will charge him/her – separate from the account already paid – the administration cost of the individual practice AND the following percentages of the total cost of the service, which are calculated depending on how many days before the beginning of the journey the cancellation is made (the calculation of the days does not include the day of the communication of the cancellation that has to be made in a working day before the one of the departure): - 10% until 40 days before the beginning of the journey; - 25% until 21 days before the beginning of the journey; - 50% until 11 days before the beginning of the journey; - 75% until 3 days before the beginning of the journey.

In any case the cancellation made after the 3rd day prior to the departure, does not give the right of any reimbursement. No reimbursement is also given if the cancellation is caused by the lack or the unfitness or the invalidity of the personal documents of the consumer necessary either to the expatriation or to the obtainment of the visa for the countries that require it. In the case of pre-made groups these amounts will be agreed at the signing of the contract.Customers are entitled to TWO ITEMS OF LUGGAGE ONLY. ANY EXCESS LUGGAGE EG SKI EQUIPMENT MUST BE DECLARED at the time of booking we MUST be informed of items such as snowboards, skis etc. We will be as sympathetic as is reasonably possible, but occasionally, extra charges may be made at our absolute discretion. In the event of undeclared excess luggage, Milano Taxi S.n.c. reserve the right to charge an excess baggage allowance (which must be paid for prior to transportation) or to refuse transport of the excess items. Milano Taxi S.n.c. reserves the right (and delegates to its drivers and appointed agents the right) to refuse to carry any person who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and/or whose behaviour is considered to pose a threat to the driver, the vehicle or the other passenger(s). Passengers are not allowed to consume alcohol on any of our vehicles. Smoking is not permitted in Milano Taxi S.n.c. vehicles except where express permission has been given by the driver. Milano Taxi S.n.c. will use every reasonable means to ensure that the vehicle(s) arrives on time to begin the period of hire and that it reaches its destination on time. Milano Taxi S.n.c. will not incur any liability whatsoever in the event of any delay due to causes beyond its control. Vehicles are fully insured for passenger and third party claims, as required under local law. However, whilst every care is always taken, customers' property is carried entirely at their own risk and no responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage. Customers are therefore advised to check their own travel insurance. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Milano Taxi S.n.c. will endeavour to carry the passenger(s) with the minimum discomfort and inconvenience to his/her destination shown on the confirmation document providing that this is a Tourist Board registered hotel, apartment or other facility with full address. However circumstances beyond our control may prevent the achievement of this responsibility. The following are examples of circumstances which are not within our control: • accidents causing delays to the vehicle • exceptional or severe weather conditions including snow or flood. • compliance with requests of the police • deaths and accidents on the road • vandalism and terrorism • unforeseen traffic delays • industrial action by third parties • problems caused by other customers • other circumstances affecting passenger safety • road closures due to local fiestas or other events • properties that are not accessible to type of service booked • bookings that have been made showing incorrect details of dates, flight times etc. • failure by the client to produce their arrival/departure instructions

If Milano Taxi S.n.c. were to fail for any reason within our control to deliver its passengers to their confirmed destination, Milano Taxi S.n.c. will provide suitable transport such as another coach, private car, taxi etc. Any reimbursement made by Milano Taxi S.n.c. for the costs of an alternative means of transport incurred by the passenger to get to their ticketed destination shall be no more than the cost of getting to that destination by taxi. Milano Taxi S.n.c. . shall only be liable for any reasonable and foreseeable consequential losses arising directly out of a breach in contract. In such cases our liability shall be limited to 100€ per booking. Milano Taxi S.n.c. reserves the right at any time to assign any part of this Agreement (or all of it) to any associated or subsidiary company or to any third party It is the customer's obligation to report any difficulties with the services that we provide in the shortest practicable time in order for us to be given a fair opportunity to rectify any problems in the shortest possible time. It is the customers obligation to do all in his/her power to mitigate any loss. These Conditions of Carriage and any carriage which we agree to provide you with (in respect of yourself and/or your Baggage) shall be governed by the laws of Italy, and any dispute between you and Milano Taxi S.n.c. concerning or arising out of such carriage in any way whatsoever, shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Milan (Italy).

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